Control4 Switches and Dimmers

I have browsed the threads and seen talks about getting control4 switches to work with smarthings. I’m looking at buying some more dimmers and maybe the fan control. I looked at control4 catalog and see there’s a ton of different types of switches and dimmers. Does anyone know which model #s work?


None of them will work directly with SmartThings. Control4 uses its own proprietary zigbee profile. If you use the DTH that Patrick Stewart created, you may be able to get partial control, but it will not be full function and the way the other zigbee switches like those from GE or Leviton are Because of the proprietary coding that control4 uses.

If you found a specific thread where people were talking about various indirect methods, ask a question in that thread.

As far as I know, Patrick Stuart, who worked as a consultant on Control4 systems, got farther than anyone else. his original work was an integration between a working control4 system and a working SmartThings system. Not the adding of individual control4 devices to a smartthings network.

Later he did come up with the DTH that allowed the devices to be used without the control4 coordinator, but the integration was always limited.

He has since moved on to a different platform, but here’s the thread where he started the project in 2014 and abandoned it by 2017 as being unreliable.


I bought a house that came with control4 but a dealer wanted to charge me a small fortune to set it back up. I ebayed the dimmers for about 50 a piece and bought a lutron caesta system and love it. The control4 dimmers did pair with smart things with pstuarts driver I found but none of the advanced features worked and either they or the cloud was too unreliable. Since switching to caesta everything worked well. I would not recommend using control4 dimmers or switches on smart things at all.


Hi, I’m new to smartthings and trying to using my control4 dimmer switches, the post on google plus is no longer available, will someone be able to direct me on how to get the device handlers posted by pstuart.