Using Control4

I need to control Z-wave devices from a Control4 System (Zig-Bee), I thought about use SmartThings Controller.

Any previous experience about this kind of Integration


@pstuart is your solution!

Yes, it can be done. I am available for custom integration of smartThings to control4 based on requirements.

I can create a custom driver to deliver just what you want, are you a dealer? If so, pm me. Otherwise have your dealer PM me and I can work out the details with your dealer.

Do you just want SmartThings to be a router for zwave devices into Control4 or do you want to have any control4 functionality in SmartThings?

If you want just zwave devices working in SmartThings, might I suggest the Wink integration with Synapse Home Automation, as Wink has a much simpler (and less secure) method of exposing devices.

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Thanks for your ASAP answer.
I want SmartThings to be a router for zwave devices into Control4
Yes, I am a dealer
Ip4home LLC

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I’ve been using smarthings for the past few months to help control get z-wave light switches and tongue to garage door sensors - I’ve recently decided to get Control 4 for further home automation and av equipment integration… How could I integrate smarthings into control 4 to be able to access and control all from one platform? Anyway you could design a driver for this?

Yes. I could. What is your budget?

How much does such programming typically cost? I do have an audio-video company hooking up my control 4 system and thus would be the one to program it accordingly - how much were you expecting? Anyway to PM me to continue this discussion?

Im a C4 dealer. How exactly do I PM you?

Send me a private message on here. However I’m quiet busy with projects right now but might still be able to help.

I dont see any links/tabs/etc to send a PM.

Tap my picture, send message.

I get a pop up, but nothing that shows a PM button. Or a text field or anything.

Probably some sort of restrictions on new users then.

Well, I have a customer with a Schlage Z-wave Door lock. They are dead set on using it and the only way I can see it working is via a smartthings hub etc. Do you have a driver that would make this happen?

I have heard of people connecting their Vivint security to smart things and now smart things might work with Control4. Looking to see if it’s possible to bring it all together. Do you have any experience with any of this or are you interested in working together to see if this is possible. Attempted to message you directly but your social media is locked down.