Control4 Driver -- Are We There Yet?

Long story short, have a lot of existing Z-Wave switches and some homebuilt stuff. I use Control4 but really did not want to shell out the $$$ to replace switches that work well.

So I got a Wink Hub and the C4 Wink driver. Worked okay C4->Wink->Lights
Not that fast, but it was good enough. Most of the time we use Homekit/Siri/Alexa to control the lights. But we did use it.

Long part…

The problem was Wink Robots and Hub2. We have two highly used areas where there are what I call light zones. Normally we want just one zone on. But pretty often we want them all on. So I set these areas up with another switch that triggers all the zones to come on. With the old Hub1, it took about 7 seconds max. Hub 2 it went to 30 seconds at times.

Dig up ST2, and add a few and test. Almost instantaneous. Wife really liked that I could program the LEDs on the switches to be off all the time.

So ST2 looks like a winner but not so fast with Control4. Pretty much looks like that requires a custom driver and more money than the cost of replacing all the switches.

Would IFTTT work well enough for this? Is there a better option or should I just bite the bullet and start buying C4 switches off eBay?


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Not exactly sure where to start. Have you tried vera and the builtin control4 driver?

The lack of an API in ST makes a Control4 to/from ST integration a custom job. Usually costing $$$$+. I have done several integrations for high end customers for specific features (usually presence, or echo integration prior to c4 having echo integration) or triggering media scenes, etc.

Personally, if you like control4, buy the dimmers / switches as long as they are zigbee pro and you can choose to use them in C4 or ST as I wrote and made freely available my basic dimmer device type.

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Vera? No, haven’t tried it and didn’t know it was built in. (Wife will shoot me)

I think I’m going to punt: Patch up what I have and then start slowly adding C4 switches/dimmers over time. Maybe the Control4 Z-Wave module will eventually work with the switches I have.


Yeah, I would look for an ebay vera to try, or a retail store with a liberal return policy… Give it a shot, the built in vera driver works pretty well, and unlike ST or Wink, its all local. Vera uses LUA just like C4 does, and is completely open.

Vera plus recently added zigbee but it is limited…

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Got the VeraPlus. Same speed as Wink as far as detecting the status of a Z-Wave switch. Just going to live with the Wink driver and add C4 switches as they show up on eBay.