Control4 Integration?

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We have a customer with a Control4 installation and he would like to control some zig-bee devices.
Is this possible using the hub?
Ip4home LLC

(Bruce) #2

Talk to @pstuart, he has Control 4 and a working connection to SmartThings.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #3

yes and no. Why not just use the already available integration with Wink? Do you want the devices to be reproduced in control4 and use SmartThings as a proxy? Or does the client want to use SmartThings side by side with Control4?

Anyway, send me a PM and we can discuss.

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I did not know about Wink and I will check.
The customer want the devices to be reproduced in C4 and use Smarthings as proxy.
Thanks for your advice
Best Regards,
Javier Lopez
Ip4home LLC

(Ryan Weller) #5

Hi Patrick, @pstuart
I have a client that wants to integrate control4 devices with smarthings,
and if possible vice versa. They are on an old H-300 but they don’t have
anything bust lights and thermostats, and motions sensors, so the system
could definitely handle a driver implementation with smartthings. I’m new to the forum so
I don’t have the ability to private message.
Ryan Weller


If you’re not replying directly to one of his posts, you can tag @pstuart with his username to make sure he sees your post. :sunglasses:

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Thank you @JDRoberts