Control4 8-Channel Dimmer C4-DIN-8DIM-E

Control4 8-Channel Dimmer C4-DIN-8DIM-E

This is an 8 channel dimmer that goes in a panel (mounts on a DIN rail). I have been looking for something like this for a while now, but haven’t had much luck.

Part of me is tempted to get one and see if I can get it to talk to ST over ethernet (as that is how it is controlled). But I wanted to throw it out here to you all to see about a couple of things…

  1. Has anyone gotten one of these to work with ST?


  1. does anyone know of something similar that is not C4 and might be more open?

My situation is this… I have some outside lights that are all run directly to my mech room in my house. Right now they are all controlled off of one motion sensor (not a zwave or zigbee… just a standalone motion detector). I’d like to split them out instead of all being off or on, I’d like to be able to split them out in to 3 different dimmable “zones”, and then control each zone with ST. I know the 8 channel dimmer is a bit over kill for 3 right now, but I can’t find anything really made for this.

I could always put 3 individual dimmers with switches, but I don’t need physical switches in my basement mechanical room for these zones that are outside. I’d like something that’s a little cleaner. Any ideas?



It is not controlled over ethernet in any standard / open method. It requires authentication and control from a Control4 controller.

You are welcome to try, but these can only be bought from C4 authorized dealers, and typically only to clients with existing control4 equipment. However, there are always ways to get around these things.

There are other panelized lighting solutions, but none any cheaper or more open then this.

Also check with residential zoning rules if panelized lighting is even allowed in residential settings. A lot of locales don’t allow it except in industrial or commercial use cases.