Control smart bulbs without app?

The Setup

Just got a SmartThings Link with the Sengled A19 and excitedly hooked everything up. I can use my Amazon Echo or my smartphone app to turn on and off the light bulbs, it works great.

The Problems

To turn off the lights when you want to be quiet or don’t have your smartphone on you requires me to cut the power to the lightbulb via the existing wall switch. Once the lights are off through this method, obviously they can’t be turned on “smartly”, and are just as good as $0.50 bulbs.

The Ideal Solution

We also have Philips Hue bulbs with the Smart Dimmer Switch that we can just stick to the wall. This is great because it’s doesn’t require any light switch replacements or neutral wires. I’ve been searching for a few hours and I can’t seem to find an equivalent, battery-powered stick-on product for SmartThings. Any suggestions? Do I just have to go back and buy more Philips bulbs?

Welcome! There are a number of similar devices you can use. :sunglasses: See the buttons FAQ. This includes both battery powered and Mains- powered, and both wall mount and handheld, so read the descriptions carefully.

You might also find the following of interest, although if you just want a battery powered device to go on the wall, you probably won’t need this: