Control Samsung Smart TV from SmartThings?

A quick and easy way that you could test this would be take your TV to your wifi router and see if it works when they are side by side. If it does then you know your problem is poor wifi connectivity.

Double check the model. If it has KU or KS in it then you will be able to get it working.

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are you talking about a K or J model ?

K model is what I am referring to

KU6290 I have The 40" and it was.working great through ST and then one day it was no longer able to sync up, removed it and try adding it again but ST does not find it. I have reset the TV and no luck. Thoughts anyone?

there is a python module that allows you to control samsung tv’s via local network. its called samsungctl and i am able to power on/off my 2016 9k series. you just need to know what port your tv is listening on, and what key’s you need to push. i’m trying to get some help in making a smartthings button that will do all of this.

Did your tv reappear on SmartThings app because mine vanished too and I cannot get it connected again?

As was not able to integrated my ku6290 into SmartThings, but I was able to open/close it via Siri with a Homebridge successful integration. But few months ago after a offered firmware update on the TV, I couldn’t close the tv anymore after it has been powered on. (Through Siri) I guess it’s the same thing with SmartThings… previously it was working for some folk and suddenly firmware update and bam not integrated anymore !

Moreover, from SmartThings app through marketplace/Samsung products/Samsung smartTV/ “Connect now window” the text over here has changed…it doesn’t not include 6th series anymore… but if you go on the support article 6th series, still showing off !!

:frowning: probably Samsung’s changing mind about 6th series. Samsung still updating frequently there firmware, hope it will be fixed one day. I spoke with an Samsung support tech once but he didn’t know what to told me about SmartThings integration!

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It worked great on my KS 2016 TV, that was until samsung\smartthings took it away.

No, I check almost every week and still nothing. I wish they would fix this soon