Control Samsung Smart TV from SmartThings?

Man oh man can I relate to this, the remote is like kids candy :wink:

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@jwflutterby – all i am saying is, if you want to do the above stuff, create these kind of routines anf ibtegrate the tv through smartthings then without coding your own magical IR solution and then integrating that into smartthings aswell, the new harmony hub (doesnt essentially need a harmony remote, just the hub) is your cleanest, cheapest and fastest solution… there is no argument in that, its just factual. There is no other clean solution to do this available now and youev more chance of apple buying the moon than smartthings creating there own reliable solution for this before 2045.

A 6 year old harmony remote will understand as much about 2016 smart home tech as my grandma knows about the dark web :wink: . . . It would be no use at all in a modern smartthings system integration, im on about the new harmony hub with official ST integration. Which uses very minimal power and is an incredinly powerful tool for creating smarthome/media related activities that simply isnt achievable by anything else…

We dont need lightbulbs that we turn on from an app or watch but we all have them, we dont need our lights to dim when we play a film but we all have it (and the way to do it is with harmony)

However best of luck in your ventures to find an alternative solution for cheaper, that is as reliable, powerful and vesatile… i hope you find a nice clean solution for your use case.

Wow, I never expected saying a Harmony hub/remote is overkill in my situation would be so blasphemous on here :wink: I’m a middle-class techie mom, I’m looking for the minivan with headrest TVs and in-floor storage solution, not the Ferrari… I’m sure I could get my kid to school faster in a sports car and we’d definately look cooler but price and practicality win me over. If I can cobble something together with what I already have, even if it takes a little more work to set up, that’s more satisfying to me… That’s why I got into ST stuff in the first place there are so many options and different ways of doing things… I’ll have more time to poke around with this in the next few days, I’ll post what I end up with when I’m done :slight_smile:

Harmony Hub is the minivan option. The Ferrari option would be stuff you’ve never heard of, at price that would make your head explode, installed/setup/serviced by a CE Pro.

I look forward to hearing what solution you come up with @jwflutterby

Hi all

So I have an 2016 8series eu55ks8000 and cannot find the STT app in the apps.
Any suggestions as I have a STT hub working well.

I would like to control TV and use TV to access STT Hub

The support they added to the marketplace under Samsung Products is unfortunately for US KS and KU 6,7,8,9 series models only (model numbers starting with UN=US or Korea). It has also been reported that V2 Hub is a requiremnet also. I believe it doesn’t show up under the EU01 shard marketplace as reported in other threads.

Smartthings v2 hub here + a 2016 KU6290 tv and it’s not working !!! (cannot be find under smartthings app… maybe because it’s a Canadian version !) :unamused:

I haven’t found anything that shows Canadian or US by the model number. I have only seen UN- U being TV and N either US/Korea or North American depending on the site and UE being TV, Europe. The support article in the marketplace does say US. I am not sure of there is a difference, maybe there is.

If it is signed into the Samsung site and on the same network as the hub, have you tried unplugging the tv and pluging it back in before having it look for it? I had to do it for ST to find the TV after I deleted the first Install.

Edit: I did find that the last digit of the full 14 digit model number is the country produced for, A for US and C for Canada.

Unplugging the tv changed nothing… thank for tips anyway. They probably removed that feature as they did for the Bluetooth for Canadian Version :rolling_eyes:

The 6290 is a cutdown version of the 6300 here in the US. missing a lot of features like Bluetooth etc.

As off yesterday, this is now in the UK (Europe) as well.
The “Television -> Samsung Smart TV” category suddenly appeared on the UK app’s Thing Marketplace list
I have successfully connected my UE43KS6510 to my hub 2 in less than 1 minutes, straight forward process !!!
Great news indeed…

Now I can do a Piston in CoRE for Notification (@rhoffer thanks for your post in the forum with your example!)


That’s great news! Do we know which Samsung Smart TV series are supported? I can see you connected a KS-series (2016 UHD). I’ll try to do the same with my J-series (2015 HD) once back home tonight but based on previous community comments I doubt it will work. Many thanks for the heads-up, Tony.

It is not impossible. My Samsung 7 series turns off an on over wifi via smartthings.

This is because of the model/year - not all are equipt as well as the seven series tv range

Can you please explain how you did that?

Id imagine that if the TV is listed as smart things compatible then it can do what any other ST compatible TV can. image

I looked into this quite a lot when choosing my TV. I almost bought a 6 series and from what I could tell they are either compatible or not. There is no middle ground. I could be wrong of course but this is what my pre TV purchase research yielded.

It was easy to get working. Just added it as a thing and off I went. It works nicely always when controlled via ST.

You need to make sure that you have given it good network connectivity. Did you give your TV a wifi connection that is reliably working? Did it report a good internet connection?

From what I can tell, ST controls the TV via the local area network (LAN). It needs good wifi or wired connection to do this. If your TV is too far from the wifi router consider running a length of CAT5 network cable from the TV to the back of the wifi router or adding a WIFI network repeater somewhere between the TV and wifi router.

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Maybe there are newer versions of the device handler available since you tried.

I got my TV about 2 months ago and imported it into ST right away with no trouble.

This is very helpful. Thank you!