Control Outdoor Lights Dusk to Dawn

Like most things in my life, picking something for mine and my wife’s home can be challenging. I like function and she likes form. She won out with the lights on either side of the front door. The unfortunate part is that the dusk to dawn function of the lights is nullified by the fact they are under a porch which is shaded by trees so they tend to come on periodically throughout the day, specially when clouds come around. So my plan was to put a smart switch on them and then just set the on/off time. I bought the switch only to find out I don’t have a neutral wire. The outdoor lights are LED so no Hue option for me. I’m pondering the option of getting the light rewired. It’s only about 5 feet from the breaker box. Just wanted to see if you all have any other ideas.

Use smart bulbs in the fixtures and a smart lighting app to set them to turn on at sunset and off at sunrise.

They are a small funky LED bulb. Not sure they make a smart bulb that would fit.

Since they are LEDs and you can’t change the bulbs, and don’t have a neutral at the switch, you could go with Lutron, but that means investing in another hub. The other option is finding the neutral behind the light fixture and using one of the mini modules. That is if you don’t decide to just pull a new wire.