Help needed - Outdoor dusk to dawn lighting - Use SmartThings switch to turn off at set time

I’ve recently had the outside of my house re-done with new facias, soffits gutters etc. and whilst this was done, I’ve had a load of nice lighting added to the front at head height and at the roof level with spotlights in the soffits front and back.

There are all controlled automatically by non-SmartThings dusk to dawn sensors, with a separate sensor / circuit for both the ground-floor level lighting and the roof level soffit spotlights.

The lighting works really well and looks great, but I’d actually like for the roof level lighting to turn off at a set time - perhaps midnight (or even Dusk+ 4 hrs or whatever) rather than being on all night.

I’m happy for the ground level lighting to remain on from dusk to dawn.

The roof level system has a shut off standard uk light-switch but this is located in my loft, so is more for disabling the system, than ready access.

Can anyone suggest a SmartThings ‘thing’ which could either be wired into the switch, or perhaps even better, just wired in-line to give me control over the roof level lighting circuit?

Try a Sonoff basic r3

Or for a Z-Wave option try a Fibaro switch. Might fit behind your loft switch or you may may need to put it in a separate junction box.

Whatever device you use do pause and think about connectivity and range and distance from your hub etc.