Outdoor Light Post Suggestions?

I have an outdoor light post that currently uses a photo sensor to turn on and off, however I would like to replace the eye with a smart sensor. I was considering the new Aeon Labs Nano Switch. I thought that I could replace the pole for the light and put this switch inside the pole but I am not sure if the smart hub would be able to communicate with the switch if it is inside an aluminum tube.

A second option I have been considering would be to replace the fixture only and use a smart bulb instead but, then I would need to remove the wiring for the eye and wire it directly to the light fixture.

Anyone have any thoughts and/or suggestions on how I can utilize a smart thing for proper light operations?

I have an outdoor light with a light sensor. I just put it on a smart switch. Then I can turn it on (after dark) whenever I want (time) or due to actions. I have the same apps turn the light off after inactivity or time.

If I would happen to trigger the switch before dark, the light simply wouldn’t go on until dark.

Works for me.

You could use a smart bulb, bypass/remove the eye entirely, and set the bulb to turn on and off based on sunset and sunrise.

It is not currently on a switch, just photo eye. I am not sure where the wire is to the light in the house but I do know what breaker it is on. I had though about, if I could find the wire to it, putting the smart switch I mentioned, in line in the house.

I also had this thought too. I am considering changing out the fixture all together for one that has a single bulb. That would make the smart bulb solution work.

did you verify post light is 120v? Buried line may be low voltage. I would not expect to use 120v bulb on buried line. Should be easy to switch inside at the 120v source anyway.

I did verify, it is 110. I have found the circuit it is on but it shares a circuit with another room in the house (my office). I still have yet to find the actual wire that goes outside to it.

If it has an On/Off switch in the house as it should, you’ll find the wire there.
If you have an outdoor sensor with luminosity you can use the Nano switch or any in wall relay to turn light On/Off based on luminosity.
You can put the relay inside the pole but keep antenna out so it’s not shielded. Also distance is also a factor.