Control Device on a Separate Network

I am almost done building a new home and using several devices with a Smartthings hub. One system I would like the ST hub to control is irrigation. My issue is that I have a water pump mounted next to the nearby river, but it is too far from my home to receive a wifi signal (400 yds through the woods). There is electricity to the pump, and it is close enough to connect to my parents’ wifi network. I am wondering if there is a way for ST to control a smart switch (turning pump on an off) that is connected to a different network than the local network the hub is on? So far I haven’t been able to find any discussion on this.



  1. Use a second Hub.

  2. or; For the a one-off, use a hubless switch (a WiFi based switch) and link to it via IFTTT or other cloud-to-cloud connection.

  3. Maybe… join the networks with a VPN, but that’s likely to be hard to set up.

If it is a cloud to cloud integration, then it may be possible through IFTTT if the Wi-Fi device doesn’t care whether you are on the same network or not. Some do, some don’t as long as you have the correct login credentials. So you just have to try and see. Quite a few community members have been successful with a Wemo device on a different network, for example.

For more options, see the article in the community – creating wiki on automating an outbuilding. It’s a similar use case.

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