Lutron Local Control From Smartthings

Hi All - I got the Hubitat for local control over our Lutron switches and picos. My wife is very dependent on the smartthings platform and we won’t be switching everything over to Hubitat. My question is, can I have the Hubitat control the lutrons locally but then somehow control them from the smartthings app?

Yes, but you should ask your question in the Hubitat forum because you have to set things up on that side. Eventually you will end up with some virtual switches in smartthings that will act as proxies for the Lutron devices. But it won’t be totally “local”— If your Internet is down, smartthings and Hubitat won’t be able to talk to each other.

(Of course, if your Internet is down, the smartthings app doesn’t work anyway, so maybe you already understood that.)

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Just leave your current lutron connection with ST intact. The lutron bridge can connect to multiple systems such as ST, hubitat, google, Alex, and Homekit.

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I think you could also install HubConnect on both ST and HE hubs then share the Lutron devices that are on HE with ST. That would give you local between Lutron & HE and local between HE & ST.

I just got my Lutron Pro Hub for Christmas so I don’t know much about it and I am not sure if Lutron to ST is local. The instructions that I found for connecting Lutron to ST doesn’t require turning on Telnet Support on the Lutron (like is required for HE) so I am going to assume that it is a cloud connection.

It’s cloud to cloud. That’s why it doesn’t require a smartbridge pro to work.

Also, SmartThings to Hubitat via HubConnect (or any other solution for that matter) is ST Cloud to Hubitat Cloud Endpoint to Hubitat Hub.

All SmartThings custom code runs in the ST Cloud.

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I did not know that. I assumed incorrectly. Thank you for the education. In that case, my previous post is moot.


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