Control Apple TV 4K?

Hey Community

I have searched around, but found No real answer. Ionly have one apple product in my family, an apple tv 4k. Is there any chance to control this through smartthings?

I would have pointed you to the Harming hub. But that is no longer being sold by Logitech. But they are still supporting it. So if you find one I’d go there.

There’s no direct integration. But because Apple TV will accept infrared (IR) commands, such as from a “universal remote,” if you get an “IR blaster“ that can integrate with smartthings, then you can use that. However, the integration may be somewhat limited.

You didn’t say what country you are in: the device selection does vary.

As @richthetech mentioned, the “Logitech Harmony Hub” did used to be popular for this, but it has been discontinued by the manufacturer and the most recent integration wasn’t great, anyway.

The only one I know that has a current integration provided by the manufacturer and it’s quite simple to use is the “SwitchBot mini hub.” This is also quite inexpensive, particularly when compared to the harmony, and integration does not require any custom code. Lists at $39, but it’s sometimes on sale for a little less.

Like all of the IR blasters, you begin by setting up the Apple TV in the Switchbot app so that Switchbot can “learn” The IR commands needed for the Apple TV. Once you have it working in the SwitchBot app, you can then link it to SmartThings.

Broadlink is another popular IR blaster, but the manufacturer does not provide an integration with smartthings so setting it up does require custom code and more work. I believe it also requires an additional android device, but I’m not sure if that’s still true since I don’t use that one. Someone else should know.