Control 4 smart bulbs with one dumb switch

Ok so I need a little help, extreme newbie. Here is my setup
I have two bulbs in one switch in the kitchen, then two bulbs on another switch across the kitchen. I am looking for advise so I can flip on one switch and have all four bulbs light up.

To make things even more complicated I have no neutral wires, so a smart switch maybe out of question and smart bulbs may be needed. Any advise on a proper setup ?

Does it have to be a dumb switch that controls all the lights? Cooper makes a battery powered switch that can control all the bulbs and you could mount it anywhere but you would need to leave the power on to all the bulbs at all times.

That could work, do you have a link to the device ?

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you could also use smart bulbs thusley; leave the two smart bulbs on the switch across the kitchen and leave them always on. Put two smart bulbs on the switch you want to use. Use a smart lighting app of some kind that triggers bulb on and dimming events based on one or both of the bulbs being turned ON when you flip the switch. The lights state becomes the event trigger. You can even have the app tell the smart bulbs on the switch to dim to a certain level when the lights are turned on.

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This is how mine is setup. a 3way smart switch controlling main lights and 2 smart bulbs slaved on with the “Big Switch” app.

I use the dim with me app if the switch is controlling dimming lights as big switch did not work for that.

if it is controller colored lights I have my own device type that passes color through and use the color with me app.

Everyone thank you, I will test a few of these this weekend and post back.