Contact sensors with screw terminals? (UK) (2023)

After reading this article KB-103 - Z-Wave enabled Pressure Mat — Vesternet, I was hoping to create some simple DIY preassure sensors for all sorts of scenarios. Unfortunately, I bought the fibaro door window sensor 2, which doesn’t have the screw terminals the first generation would have appeared to have. I’ve been looking through various threads and articles about contact sensors with screw terminals but all seem to either be for devices unavailabe in the uk or devices that are no longer available. I did find that Aeotec’s contact sensor 7 pro has them, but this is perhaps double of what I’ve paid for other contact sensors (do screw terminals cost that much more?). Has anyone had any success recently with other smartthings ready tech?

This should work for you:

The OP is in the UK. The device you linked to is only available on the North American frequency. So that one won’t work in this case. :disappointed_relieved:

I didn’t notice that. My bad.

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There’s an FAQ for this.

At the present time, the choices are pretty much the Aeotec Pro or the Fibaro universal implant. Both are available for either the North American frequency or the EU/UK frequency. But, yes, expensive.

Thanks for the recommendation, I’ve seen quite a few people recommending the ecowave contact sensors, but they are rarely in stock. Did find some on sale on, but wanted over £100 for one!

Yes that is one if the lists I’ve been through but seems quite out of date. The fibaro universal sensor seems like it’ll be trickier to set up than the aeotec contact sensors. The fibaros are slightly cheaper, but unlikely worth the extra hastle.

Assuming you have the UK model of the smartthings/Aeotec hub, it wouldn’t have worked for you anyway.

Zwave works on different frequencies in different regions in order to avoid interfering with local first responder communications.

The frequency of any zwave device must exactly match the frequency of your hub, or they can’t talk to each other.

Yeah learnt taht the hard way after buying some z wave fire and co2 detectors from the us :man_facepalming:luckily managed to get a full refund

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It’s been updated all along, I’ll take a look again. There may be an entry that needs a new edit, but most of the information there should be valid.

Another option I haven’t added to that FAQ yet is Shelly. Those are inexpensive Wi-Fi devices and available in many regions. They do have a smartthings integration. But they have to be mains powered, and setup is somewhat more complicated than with the others in the FAQ.

If you want to do your own research, you can contact the manufacturer at their site:


Not heard of shelly before, some instances using mains power shouldn’t be an issue for me, thanks for the link.

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