Consumer Reports looks at low cost security systems, including the new ADT/SmartThings


of note, they used the cheapest ADT monitoring plan ($25/month for security only). Also, they say the Honeywell system will work with SmartThings, but i’m not seeing that mentioned anywhere else.

Honeywell mentions it, but it looks like initially through IFTTT. It’s hard to tell because the product isn’t actually released yet.

It looks like it’s somewhat similar to the echo plus, except it has a Z wave plus controller inside of it instead of a zigbee coordinator. Also it has a camera built into it. So also sort of like canary, but with Alexa built in, except the camera works more like netatmo welcome.

It also uses the lyric app, which makes things complicated yet again, because there is an official smartthings integration with the lyric thermostat which uses the same app.

So I can’t tell yet whether the smart things/Honeywell security integration would be through the lyric app (in which case it’s cloud to cloud). Through Z wave. Or through IFTTT.