ADT Smartthings pre purchase logic / sanity check

Okay I am pretty sure I get it, but I want a pre purchase logic check here…

Pending of course arrival of my Iris reimbursement card. I have a $1,230.00 budget on that card, and other resources to bring to bear outside of that budget.

Existing items to be used with the hub, but not for sending ADT alerts.
2 @ Iris 2nd generation contact sensors. Most likely use one on the garage to house entry door to just log entry / exit to / from the house. The second one not sure where I can use it…
Second generation Iris motion sensor, already in the garage. The idea is for it to NOT be pet friendly. I.E. is the cat in my workshop? I would like notifications…
Iris 3rd generation Zigbee smart switch. Again as I understand it, via ITTT a triggered alarm can turn the switch on, thus turning on say a light, or radio or other attention getter.
2 @ Utilitech 85db (configurable to 100db) Zwave sirens. As I understand ADT triggered alarms can trigger these sirens. Please confirm.
Ring Video Doorbell 2. Again not trigger an ADT alarm, but then again, doesn’t need to.
Amazon Echo Dot devices for voice integration. How to configure and what can it do with the ADT setup?
Honeywell Smart WiFi thermostat.

At current best prices the ADT and other wanted pieces… Not sure how long these prices are going to be good but here goes…
ADT Smartthings Home Security starter kit. Current best price $99.00 on Amazon.
ADT Smartthings door and window sensors. Current best price $15.00 on Amazon. I need 15 additional sensors not provided by the starter kit for a total of 17.

That would put me at $324.00 thus far, now to the cameras…

2 @ Ring Spotlight Camera wired. BRIGHT light, camera evidence, 2 way talk, and I believe via ITTT can trigger the siren / strobe through ADT alarms. Best Price B&H Photo Video $169.00 each or $338.00 for the pair.

Prior to tax, and excluding already owned equipment we are looking at $662.00 for the ADT Smartthings / Ring setup.

Now this gives me plenty of room to add on to the system.

Add ADT Home Safety expansion pack x2 $53.74 each Amazon. Lowest I know of. ROund up and call it $108.00 / pair.

At this pointI have roughly $555.00 to add smart switches to turn on / off lights. I can do the install myself, however I need to know, which switches are best for the ADT setup? I will want on / off only Decora style switches for the front door and kitchen lights. I will want dimmers and 3 speed fan speed controllers for the living room, and 4 bedrooms and master bath. Another dimmer for the dining room, and another fan speed controller for the kitchen.

Not necessarily security related, I will want 3 way switches for the main bath vanity room, and the main hallway, and additional on / off switches for the small hall, and both toilet / shower rooms. Perhaps one for the garage workshop.

So, will it work as I suspect it will, how would I configure it, and what switches do I need?

The switches for the ADT hub are the same as the switches for any smartthings hub. :sunglasses: Different ones will work for different people. The features vary somewhat, as does the price.

See the device class features FAQ. The light switch discussion starts around post 40 in that thread:

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For fan control options, see the FAQ:

I’ve been over all really happy with my GE switches, dimmers, and fan controllers. Also like that for “dumb” switches in the house I can get some standard Leviton switches and they match pretty well. I’m up to 2 fan controllers, 4 on/off switches, and upward of 14 dimmers with 2 more dimmers and 2 more fan controllers waiting to be installed. Another 7 or 8 of the add-on 3-way switches. Mix of Z-Wave and Z-Wave plus.

I did initially have some issues with Philips candelabra bulbs in some of my ceiling fan light housings but I’m blaming the bulbs over the GE switches as both Cree and GE bulbs have had no issues.

I will say the only bad thing about the ADT hub is for alerts you have to have the ADT branded sensors, which isn’t that big of deal, but also that firmware updates seem to lag multiple revisions behind on that hub. I’m sure it has something to do with ADT having to approve things but it’s something to keep in mind.

Also people complain about the SmartThings sensors but I have had nothing but good luck with them, both older versions and the newer versions. I do have plenty of SmartThings zigbee outlets throughout the house acting as repeaters so that might help.