Connectivity to Tydom or pulling devices from Google Home

Hi all

I´m trying to centralize all my devices and I have a pretty closed system (Tydom / Delta Dore) controlling my spotlights (came with the house). These show up in Google Home, as I can connect the Tydom app with it, but its not possible to integrate it with Smartthings directly. Can Smartthings pull my missing spotlights from my Google Home app?

Thank you for your time.

Unfortunately not yet. You can use echo as a “man in the middle“ for most devices, but not Google home.

Hopefully want to google improves the routines, as they have promised is coming soon, we’ll be able to do the same thing for that.

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Thank you for clearing that up :slight_smile:
I´m considering changing out the “dimmer-switches” in the outlets with z-wave to reroute the spotlights to Smartthings. Really bummed that I need 2 separate systems to control all my lights (Yes i know Google Home can, but it looks really messy in the app, and can´t really do scenes. Correct me if i´m wrong) Would love to come home from work and push the “I´m home” scene on my Smartthings app and everything turns on. So if anyone has a nice way of doing that I will be really grateful :slight_smile: