Connecting to SmartThings API for Smart Thermostats

I am trying to connect to the SmartThings API to pull the thermostat data. I am having a hard time remaining in developer mode on the app, and the documents online are taking me in circles.

Does anyone have clear guidelines of how to do this?

Can you describe how you’re trying to pull the thermostat data? Do you have a SmartApp that you’re using?

We are trying to use this platform to pull the data. We have a job site with the SmartThings Hub and Honeywell Thermostats. They are all set up on the SmartThings app.

Is that the wrong way to be going about this?

It’s certainly possibly, I’m just not clear how you’re trying to go about it and maybe you’re unsure as well.

Do you have a SmartApp that is subscribed to device events?

If I was starting from scratch, I would build the SmartApp around this:

Thank you! I have to create my own app?
I thought I set up an environment in the Smart Things app, and then can connect to the API server to extract that data.

Well you’ll likely need something to serve as the go-between for SmartThings and where you want the thermostat data.

You can query a specific device for its status with a personal access token and this

But it really sounds like you’ll want a SmartApp that can subscribe to your devices (thermostats) and retrieve the device information so you can do something with that information whether that is storing, displaying, aggregating, etc.

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Is there someone we can speak to about this?

Honestly for the types of questions you are asking, this is likely the best place for that. You can reach out to the developer workspace support though: