IFTTT SmartThings Integrations

Hello fokes, I am Krushnali. I am an IFTTT user. Few days ago i create a simple button click applet to start my washing machine program (Switch on action, i consider starts the device operation). Washing machine is Samsung’s “8.0 kg Ecobubble™ Front Load Washing Machine with AI Control, Hygiene Steam & SmartThings Connectivity, WW80T504DAB”

Trigger : Button widget Int. Button Press
Action : SmartThings Int. Switch on

The applet failed on Action. I am not clear why the action failed.

Well, let’s start at the beginning. Can you turn the washer on using the ST mobile app? Does the washing machine require a remote operation button to be enabled (similar to many dishwashers, ranges, etc)? Do you have other ST devices that are working with IFTTT?