[BETA] Hue Motion Sensor (beta) (no hue bridge)

Just installed this DH and worked right away without issue, thanks for sharing this. I was able to add the motion sensor automatically just by clicking the pin hole with a paper clip while the sensor is not attached to the hue hub. At first it was stuck on motion but after a battery pull it works very well.

Replying to an old post I know but that’s what I love with Hue! Unlike literally everything, Hue pricing is the same still in Canada and the US. Was just in Miami and thought maybe I’d get some deals on items but was surprised to see they are exactly the same price as they are back home, so they are actually much cheaper here with exchange rate. $39.99 with 13% HST is $45, convert that to current USD rates and it is $33, so even with tax it’s much cheaper in Canada. About time lol.

Hi, I have been using the hue sensor device handler for some weeks, the sensor controls a fibaro 2 switch.

The issue I have been experiencing is that the light will come on then turn off within seconds (it is set to turn off after 3 minutes with no motion). It is also hit and miss if the light actually comes on at all.

I use the standard smart light app, have also tried core.

Any advice?

@dthomp13 - are you using lux levels to determine if the light should come on or not?

I’m not, just if motion turn on.

I couldn’t get on with Smart Lighting. Only CoRE worked for me. I only use it inline with lux levels and the Hue lights don’t go off for me until the CoRE timer tells them to. This is an example of a piston:

Having a hard time adding sensors in, have reset sensor as to the app but still have issues

Have you removed the sensor from the Philips app? That might be trying to grab the device after reset.

Also, how long are you holding the reset button down for on the sensor? And are you near the ST hun when doing this?

Yes tried that since last night and working better as takes a while to add to ST but works great thanks.

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One thing I have noticed is my Hue motion sensors keep losing connection to ST or it seems they just stop at a certain time and than I have to remove and re add them again. Any ideas how to fix this?

I seem to be having the opposite problem. Has anyone experienced the sensor indicating “ACTIVE” 100% of the time? Should I do a hard reset or just remove the battery?

I would say remove the device from ST, perform a hard reset on the sensor and try adding again.

I havent had either this issue or loosing connection from ST.

@zonomo and @effusion01 - are you both using the code from the original post? Or the modified code from calansvc? Im on the original code as I just couldnt get on woth Calansvc modifications. I have only adjusted the updated frquency for the original code.

oh shoot. I am not sure. Is there a way to find out? And if I am using the wrong one, is there a way to delete a DH (I just learned how to install, I haven’t gotten to deleting anything yet). Thanks.

I would just select all code in the DH, delete it and then paste the code in from the first post. It will then update with the new code when you save and publish.
I haven’t had to delete any DH myself yet either.

For those who may be having trouble including the Hue Motion Sensor: You have to keep the reset button (through the pin hole at the back) pressed for at least 20 seconds, until the LED flashes green. Release the reset button when that happens. I put the sensor on top of the Hub to make it as easy as possible to discover the Sensor. Next, go to Things > + Add a Thing in the app and wait a few seconds for the sensor to be added.


I am new to Smartthings. I have a few light switches, which I turn On/Off with SmartApps. Just received my Philips Hue Motion Sensor. ( I do not have a Philips hub).

I removed the battery sticker and I was able to add the device using my iPhone. It show up in My Things.
Online “https://graph.api.smartthings.com/device/list”, I can see my device with a type “Unknown”. I think that I have to link it to the Device Type documented in this tread.
Could anyone give me detailed instructions how to proceed?
Do I need to create my own Device Type by coping the code in my environment?
How do I associate my Thing to this new Device Type?

Your help will be appreciate.

At the top of your IDE it should have device handlers, that is where you go to load the code. You click on create new device handler on the right and then click the tab by code and then paste in the code. Once you have done that Go to My Devices at the top of the ide. Find the device you added in the list. click on that device scroll down to edit and then the drop down that says type is where you select the DTH you loaded. You will have to scroll to the bottom of the list as that is where the custom DTH are sitting. I hope this helps.

Thank you very much. With your precise instructions, I got it to work.

Now I have to figure out which SmartApps to use or how to create my own.
Any suggestions of hints?

WebCore is what I would use just do a search for it

Do I need to have the motion sensor connected to the Hue Bridge?
I ask as wondering if I need to press the button on the Bridge when adding the thing?