MIM-H02 Support


I have the Samsung MIM-H02 WiFi Kit which was installed onto my AC unit only two years ago.
It currently works using the Samsung CAC App, but this App being desupported by Samsung at the start of October.
The App recommends switching to SmartThings, but it seems SmartThings only has support for MIM-H03 and MIM-H04.

Any chance of support for the MIM-H02 being added to SmartThings?



I am also in the same boat. I can’t believe they can just stop supporting it, making the unit useless. If they don’t do anything about this I will never be giving Samsung another cent and I will tell everyone to never buy Samsung products.

In response to your queries about MIM-H02 WiFi Kit and the CAC App, I have been in email communication with Samsung for over 2 months now. At around the time the pop-up announcing the decommissioning of the CAC App, my Samsung Ducted AC (9 years old) WiFi Kit disconnected itself from my home WiFi and I have not been able to reconnect it since! I got very little help from Samsung other than to reassure me that they had reversed their decision to decommission the CAC App (I feel your pain, as I cannot connect to the SmartThings either!). They sent me a link to download and get rid of the pop-up. Try this - https://download.mcspserver.net/android/smartcac.apk However, since then they have twice recommended I upgrade the WiFi Kit to MIM-H04 but my AC installer said this sounded odd and is probably just “handballing” the problem to someone else. Currently researching where I can get some quality advice regarding this issue as I am certain Samsung do not give a $#!T !!

FOOTNOTE: Doing more research I read “one of the Samsung service centres and the receptionist there said that I would need to buy and install a Samsung wifi kit MIM-H03 but she also advised that if my router has both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz (which mine does) then I need to turn off the 5Ghz”. Good Luck!

I am facing the same problem, and they give me no solution

how can this be possible?

I am also facing the same problem of my MIM-H02. Why did Samsung forget to serve their old Customer like us as they do for the existing customer ? Your old customers had promoted your product for long time. Samsung should prepare another APP to replace Samsung CAC App or they make a little modification of Smart Thing App which can be used also by us as your old Customers. So that, Smart Thing App can be used both old and new customers. Logically Samsung can do as I mention above but they do not hear our complaint. Remember…without customers, company can not be survive or grow up.