Connect PlantLink sensor in new app?

Is there a way to connect an older PlantLink sensor to SmartThings now that we have migrated to the new app? Sensor has not been connected to our hub before.

use the scan nearby option

Yes, I tried that and no go! Any reason why it won’t? I can’t seem to find any information online on how to do a hard reset on the sensor.

It can take a few tries.

Are there any newer products like this btw? I’m interested

if you’re using a custom DTH make sure to re-publish it

Ok, managed to get these sensors connected - thanks for the help.

The DTH available online ( is pretty darn old. As a result, the voltage and moisture % (humidity) are not reporting or not reporting correctly in the new app.

Is there some type of guide I can use to determine what I have to change to get it going in the newest version of all that is SmartThings? I’m no programmer, but I’m willing to figure this out if there is some guidance available.


I should say, when I pull up the device in the SmartThings web platform/app, all of the values do show correctly. It’s just not moving into the app. Thanks!

Perhaps the capabilities should be initialized. Can you show a screenshot of what it looks like on the app? Does it show the capabilities with cloud icons?

I’m very grateful for your reply.

Screenshot attached!