Problems with PlantLink & SmartThings Integration

(Matt B) #1

Apologies ahead of time for a rather long post.

I’m quite confused about how to properly integrate PlantLink with SmartThings. I bought two links. I have not ever had them hooked up to the actual PL hub. I paired them with SmartThings following the instructions they delineated on a post. I then installed the “PlantLink Connector SmartApp.” It then takes quite a while and just displays “calibrating.”

However, after it’s calibrated, the following is displayed:

I’m not sure whey it’s still telling me to “install the SmartApp” again, as it’s already installed.

Also, once this is done and calibrated, I get some strange errors with the actual PlantLink app itself. In the PlantLink app, when I select a plant type and assign the plant a name it seems to trigger the creation of a duplicate plant in the PlantLink app (one that does not have a plant type or the name I selected assigned to it. Instead, it begins with “SmartThings-”). Part of the attraction of PlantLink app is being able to specify the type of plant and soil so the proper watering amounts and times can be tracked.

However, once the duplicate plant is created, it seems like the type and name are erased and I"m back to where I started.

If I pair the PlantLink with the ST hub, do I just forget the PlantLink app altogether? If so, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of having PlantLink, as I don’t see where I can select plant type and soil type in the ST app itself.