Connect Iris Smart Plug to ST

I just picked up my 1st Smart Plug for use in an attic. My “idea” is to have a motion sensor (Iris) trigger the Iris plug to turn on my tube lighting in the attic. Ran into my 1st problem here which is to the ST app to recognize the smart plug. When I plug it into an outlet, the light on the bottom is blinking blue. Then in the ST app, I say “add a thing”. It can’t find it so i try to add manually but i can’t find it there either. Auugghh. I’m stuck. Do I need to return this and go to plan B (whatever that is?). Thanks.

I installed one of those plugs & it took a few tries to get it installed, don’t give up. Also the smart plug is the bottom one & top is just a regular plug.

I wonder if it’s the same one. I don’t have 2 plugs. Only 1. And it won’t pair w ST at all. Tried a bunch of times.

That one is not supported at all. It’s WiFi.

You want this one:


Ah, thanks. (Dang).

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@zonomo I just posted to another thread how I got my Iris WiFi Smart Switch talking to ST.

It’s not pretty, but it got the job done. The post is here.