Iris Smart Plug WiFi

It might be nice to keep around to use on your hub so that you can reboot it remotely if necessary.

You can reboot the hub remotely through the IDE

Yes, but that doesn’t always work. With a plug, it’s a hard reboot (on a v2 hub you also have to remove the batteries) which is sometimes required if something is hung up and you can’t reach the hub through the IDE.

I yanked the batteries out of mine and power the hub via UPS with a WiFi switch in between the two.

does anyone know if you can access this Wi fi plug via an ip address and use webhooks or something like that through ifttt

I already have an Iris Wi-Fi Smart Plug and until recently had the majority of my devices talking to my Iris Hub. And before I learned of the beauty of the user community here in SmartThings, I was looking for ways to automate my Iris system. I came across the Iris+ mobile app. It is not a Lowe’s product, but like products from this community, made by a 3rd party. It allows for integration of Iris scenes and the IFTTT Notifications service.

When I saw @hires06’s post on this, an idea struck me. It may not be pretty, but sometimes clunky solutions give birth to better ones.

Since I already can control my Iris devices via IFTTT thanks to the Iris+ mobile app, I can make a Virtual Switch and utilize IFTTT to trigger my Iris WiFi Smart Plug if the Virtual Switch status changes.

So I made 2 IFTTT recipes. 1 for VirtualSwitch on, trigger a Plug on scene and 1 for VirtualSwitch off triggering a Plug off scene.

The net result is an Iris WiFi Smart Plug that is controlled via SmartThings.

Yes, it requires the Iris app and the Iris+ app (but not the Hub. It works without it), but I already had it. And now I have my remaining straggler talking to my SmartThings.

does this Iris+ app work without the hub like the regular iris app does?

That’s a good question. I didn’t know you could use the Iris normal app for the WiFi plug without the Hub. Let me do some testing.


And the results are in. I have my Iris Hub unplugged, all devices moved off Iris except the Wi-Fi switch. And I can I can still tell Alexa to turn my switch on, IFTTT takes over and send the command to Iris+ and tada, switch is on! No hub needed!

Which IFTTT service are you using? I searched for iris and iris + and did not find anything


Send this:

scene=WiFi Plug off (Or whatever you named your scene)

So when loading Notifications and connecting to the WifiPlug Applet, it wants to connect via the WifiPlug API. There seems to be a step missing here

There is no “API” for the WiFi plug.

To recap the steps.

  1. ST Virtual Switch. Call it #Vswitch for this purpose.
  2. Create Iris Scene. “WiFi Plug on” to turn on the Iris WiFi Smart Plug.
  3. Install Iris+ app. It takes input from IFTTT via the Notifications service and sends it to Iris.
  4. IFTTT recipe: If #VSwitch switched on, then send a notification from the IFTTT app to run scene Wi-Fi Plug on.


Once #VSwitch is turned on in ST, IFTTT will trigger and send the command to Iris via the Iris+ app.

This does not require the Iris Hub, just an Iris account and the Iris and Iris+ apps.

If that didn’t answer your question, please let me know.

  1. Iris and Iris+ both are loaded on my smartphone as well as IFTTT. All are working and iris apps interface with my phone just fine.
  2. I go IFTTT, then search for the Notifications applet, connect to it, then click on “New Applet” to attempt to create a new applet.
  3. The screen “if +this, then that” comes up. I click on “+this” and it asks me to select Trigger service. Which service do I select?? Iris and Iris + are not available, do I select IFTTT? If so, which trigger?

I apologize, but I cannot follow the steps as written due to my ignorance.

The “This” piece would be SmartThings as you are triggering the action with a SmartThings Virtual switch.
The "“That” piece would be the aforementioned Notifications service using the scene= syntax as shown above.

My apologies for not understanding the original issue. We’re all here to learn and get better with this. :slight_smile:

And feel free to ask any and all questions. That is how you learn!


Michael, what I believe is missing in your directions is how to create the Virtual Switch that is recognized by SmartThings applet in IFTTT so that IFTTT can send the notification to the switch using IRIS +.

Here is how I am attempting to create this. if you walk through it on your device, you may see what I am talking about and that there is a critical missing step in your written directions.

  1. I go to IFTTT, then search for the Notifications applet, then click on “New Applet” to attempt to create a new applet.
  2. The screen “if +this, then that” comes up. I click on “+this” and it asks me to select Trigger service. If I select Smartthings as my “this”, my available selections are: switched on, switched off, opened, closed, locked, unlocked, any new motion, presence detected, presence no longer detected, etc. The closest description I can find to select is “switched on”.
  3. It then asks me to select a switch. Since the IRIS Wifi Plug is not paired in SmartThings, it cannot locate the switch. It IS paired on my IRIS hub, but there is no way to access the IRIS + software applet through IFTTT. Without creating a Virtual Switch in SmartThings first to which I have no idea how to do this, then there is no way to have this applet select the Virtual Switch to send a notification to.

The step that is missing is how to create a Virtual Switch that the IFTTT software can recognize in IRIS + so that it can relay an IFTTT command to the switch and SmartThings recognizes it is there.

Am I making sense?

You are making perfect sense. So now we’re dealing with how to make a Virtual Switch. There are many fine apps that our amazing community has created. The Virtual Switch I am using was created via the Alexa Helper app. It sounds like you are a new to this, which is fine. I’ve only been here a couple weeks myself. But I would recommend reading this FAQ article on custom code. I found it VERY helpful.

I hope that points you in the right direction. If I can help any more, please just ask. If I can’t answer it, someone here can.


Here’s the FAQ on creating a virtual device. (This is a clickable link)

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I know i am a noob, but i am trying to understand this.

-smartthings has device handlers, why are they not used for some of these wifi (cloud) connected
-if this is not possible then how can i get them inside smartthings via other applications?

My main reason for asking is that the automation from smartthings is much stronger than many other iris and several others.

The other thing i have been looking for but this is kind of off topic is there a way to use openhab with the smartthings hub, i really would like to play with that platform since it has some unique graphical interfaces and is very open, i would like to use the smartthings hub since they make it very easy to add hardware.

Thanks for all the great things are developed here

@carelcolpa, if you are directing this comment to my workaround, the reason I had to use IFTTT and the Iris+ app is because there are no device handlers currently for this Wi-Fi plug. As it is not a z-wave plug, Iris would need to give access to their interface to that device. To my knowledge, that is not available. If one of the guru’s knows different, please chime in.

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