Connect Home Wifi Hub in an unsuppported country

I brought 5 Samsung Connect Home Pro Wifi Hubs from the US to China. I have been using one of hubs in the US so it’s already set up. When I connect it to my existing router’s LAN port and then connect to the hub’s wifi, I have internet. But my smartthings app shows the wifi hub is disconnected and I cannot go to the control page. Due to the same issue, I can’t set up new hubs at all (see pic below).

I understand that officially these hubs only work in the US and other countries. But could someone explain why in my case it’s not working? I’ve seen other posts say their ST hub works in South America. By the way Smartthings is NOT blocked in China and I can log in on my phone App fine.

Edit1: Smartthings Hub seems to work. I get a notification saying ST hub is online when the hub is connected to internet. But the Wi-fi Hub is still showing disconnected

I have not heard this conclusively, nor obviously “officially”, but I think Hub activation is based on the Country associated with your Samsung Login ID.

You might try creating a Samsung ID in the USA by using an international VPN.

Officially it only works in these countries.

I’m using my US Samsung ID that I have been using before moving to China.