Connect Home Pro Wi-Fi does not work

I connected my Connect Home Pro directly to my router and set it up using my Android phone. The CHP begins sending out a wifi signal, but it does not actually have internet. Further, the wifi and ethernet signals from my AT&T router stop working. I have to reset my router to get it working again. Have tried factory-resetting my CHP, to no avail. I’m thinking there might be a router setting that needs to be changed, but I can’t even troubleshoot, because I can’t access my router configuration while the CHP is connected. Smart Things Customer support closed on Sundays, ugh!

Check the IP of your connect home, it is router by itself and has different IP.
To have it as part of your regular network, you need to change the Connected Home mode to “bridge”.
You can do it from Connected Home up, and not from ST one.