Wifi Hub can't connect to internet

I am trying to setup my Connect Home but whenever I press the next button after seeing the red and green blinking LEDs, the following message will appear.
“The Wi-Fi Hub can’t connect to the internet. Reboot your modem or set your IP address manually.”

The Connect Home is already connected to my modem via an ethernet cable. Why can’t the connection to internet be established?

Did you try rebooting the modem? What model is your modem?

The model of my modem is Huawei EchoLife HG8240 GPON Terminal.
I power off, then on the modem and repeated the setup steps but still see the same message.
Is there a particular sequence to reboot the modem?
Is there a compatibility problem better Connect Home and modem?

I am not aware of a compatibility problem between the hub and modem. If you connect other devices via ethernet to the modem do they reach the internet?

I think I might have connected the hub to a wrong output port (2) of the modem. This modem is supplied by my internet service provider and I read from forum that only port 1 is enabled for internet. The rest of the ports are disabled. I will check with the ISP and retry the installation with hub connected to port1 instead.

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The problem is indeed due to connection to the wrong port on the modem. The installation is successful once I connect the hub to port 1 which is the only port that is ONT enabled.