Connect Home EUROPE release date


(michel) #1


Please Please Please can anybody from Samsung let us know what the release plans are for the ‘Connect Home with the Smartthings Hub’ for EUROPE mainland … So for example the Netherlands or Germany or even UK (don’t need a translated version since we all can read and speak English).

If you want a market share in Europe you have to communicate to the end-users who are going to buy…


(Robert Deans) #2

Hey, I too can’t find ANYTHING on the net to suggest when this will be launched in the UK.

Does anybody have any idea?

(michel) #3

i just would forget this product and move one to a other brand. it looks like they don’t care…

(Roberto Beccherle) #4

Still no news on availability to Mainland Europe?
I really find it amazing that it is not sold everywhere in europe!

(michel) #5

I will move over to this since it look slike samsung isn’t going to release it for europe.
TP-link Deco M9 Plus

(Paul Fitzpatrick) #6

No zwave there though or did I miss that

I would imagine the connect home will make its way to Europe eventually but like most things we just have to wait and wait and wait…