Alarm Systems

(Scott) #1

I currently have a hardwired old alarm system that is ran all over the house. Is there any panel that I can get that would be compatible with SmartThings? I wan to use what i already have i place and then just add to it with other smarthings compatible products

(Scott Shell) #2

I had something similar in place in the house I moved into only without any sort of actual alarm system installed (i.e. it only had wires running to various parts of the house such as main entry doors, and a few other places.)

I was actually able to re-purpose the wires that were going to the alarm panel to power an old iPad that can be used to control the house.

I removed the recessed door sensors on the two outer doors and replaced them with Aeotec Z-wave devices. I replaced the rear sliding door with a smartsense multi sensor.

I have multi sensors on my garage doors as well which works pretty well.

(Geko) #3

Unofficial integration only:


I love SmartThings, but I would recommand to loock into this product:

Sage home-automation