Confusion about Aeon Key Fob integration

(Tracy Horgan) #1

I am new to SmartThings and am doing my best to learn on the fly. I have a simply system for now, and in turn, a simple need.

I have an Aeon Key Fob and a GE appliance switch. Both are installed to my hub. I want any of the buttons on the key fob to turn the switch on when pressed.

I understand that I need to use the button controller smartapp for this. I have been through the sequence several times with no success and have removed the smart app and fob several times trying for a fresh start. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong.

So, here is where I am:
-My fob is identified to the hub.
-I know that I need to install the Button Control smartapp (Convenience) and add it to the fob.

-Part of my problem is confusion with the fob. I am not sure when to press the pin into mode button on the back of the remote. Is it before or after setting up the smartapp, or does that matter?
-Can I just use apply the smartapp to the fob without going through any of the learning sequence that is native to the fob?
-I know that all buttons in the smartapp can be set to the same device, but will that actually work?

I have performed this setup many times over (removing and readding both the fob (which I also reset) and the smartapp) with no success and cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. I appreciate any help and apologize for the long-winded post.

(Tracy Horgan) #3

Please disregard. I was able to fix this by using the new Aeon Key Fob code at Aeon Labs key fob remote - advice?