Aeon Key Fob


Hi. Im fairly new to Smartthings. Im trying to set up my Aeon Key Fob to disarm and arm my alarm. It has 4 buttons on it. It paired to smart things and i used the smart controller smartapp and told it to disarm the alarm when i push button 1. Seems like it should work, however when I push the button nothing happens. Has anyone used the key fob to disarm their alarm before? If so, can you help me get mine set up? Thanks!!!

(Dale C) #2

I don’t know about your device but you might look over at this thread with a less expensive Zigbee Key Fob to give you ideas about how to do that. I used a different smartapp Button Controller Plus to trigger the appropriate “I’m Back!” routine (Home Actions)

(Mar Jar) #3

Hi. I hope you solved your problem with the keyfob. Just in case you didn’t and for other new users of the keyfob I’ll explain how I got it to work. I had the same problem and I found the only way to solve it was to use a smartapp called Button Controller. Smart Lighting or routines didn’t do a job. Button pressed and nothing happened. In Button Controller do not try to make automation directly for a particular button (eg 1 or 3) but go for a whole keyfob and the app will ask you what to do with each button in four steps. And then it works. In the app you can set a button to run a routine previously created or directly turn on lights etc. I hope this helps.