Confusing Information about Honeywell Thermostats

Having read the community posts and ST support pages, I’m confused about which Honeywell thermostats are compatible with the ST hub.

I’ve read here that the Lyric Round thermostat is supported:

I’ve read elsewhere that the Lyric T6 is not supported, and only works with Apple Homekit or the Honeywell app over wi-fi.

I’ve looked at the ST classic app and there are no thermostat devices available in the marketplace. I just see a blank screen.

I’ve looked in the ST app and under supported devices > thermostats, I see “Lyric Square Thermostat” but no detail about which Lyric square thermostat…

From what I can see, there is only one square thermostat in the Lyric range, the T6 - but that’s no supported… or is it?

The only other Honeywell thermostat that I have read is compatible is rectangle, not square, the RTH9580WF.

Can anybody please confirm whether the T6 is the square Lyric in the marketplace or exactly which Honeywell thermostats are compatible? And should I find a device in the Classic apprather than just a blank screen?

I have a RTH6580WF. I have been using it with SmartThings for 2 years now.

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The T6 does work with SmartThings, it’s right on the Works With Smartthings thermostat page.

Also, any of the Thermostats that work with the Total Connect Comfort App will work with ST through a cloud-to-cloud integration. I had one for a year or so and dropped it after Honeywell stopped making updates to their back-end to correct any of the errors that were reported to them about lags in updates. To my knowledge they still haven’t been corrected.

Thanks, but I only see the THR99C3110 mentioned on the Works with SmartThings page. Where does it say the T6 is compatible?

Mark, I have one T6 and it works. You have to add it via ‘new’ smartthings app. Then picks it up in the classic app.

Thanks Wayne, much appreciated.

The T6 is the one in the middle.