CONFIGURE INITIALIZE request after last PAGE request

Hello, I’m trying to integrate my ESP8266 based light controller into SmartThings. It might be an overkill to use SmartThings just to control a single LED strip, but I decided that it would help me to advance my developer skills if I’ll try to do it the ‘enterprise’ way. I’m struggling here and there all the time, but right now I registered my SmartApp and set it up so it responses to CONFIRMATION, CONFIGURATION INITIALIZE and PAGE lifecycle requests. However, when I try to configure that app in SmartThings App, after I click “Done” on the last page (which is the only one for simplicity), I get another CONFIGURATION request and the cycle starts over. I’m sorry if my mistake is plain and stupid, but I’m trying my best to understand how SmartThings ecosystem works but in some places documentation just doesn’t cover some topics. Thanks.

I’m not going to be much help I suspect, but are you saying it started again with another CONFIGURATION INITIALIZE, or was it another CONFIGURATION PAGE? You did specify “'complete”: true’ on the page configuration so it knows there isn’t another page?

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I put “complete”: “true” into PAGE response JSON and I get INITIALIZE request after I complete configuring in SmartThings app. If it was a PAGE request, I’d suspect something is wrong. There’re some points I’d like to make, them being that I respond with and empty “sections” tag. I did’t find any info that says if it needs at least one section (however, the “name” section is always there, so config screen is not totally empty). Another point is that I don’t have my exact device set up yet since I wanted to deal with SmartThings Cloud to my server communication first and then set up my device. I also didn’t find anything saying that I need to have a device connected before installing an app. And one weird thing that disturbs me is that when I click on “My testing devices” in SmartThings app, there are not only devices, but my SmartApp as well. And somehow they lead to the same configuration screen. Maybe it’s supposed to be that way, so correct me if I’m wrong.

Hmm, nothing you said sounds unreasonable but I think I’d be of more help to you by deferring to those who really know what they are talking about.

That would be great. But anyway, thanks for everything.