(Bobby) #1

Does anyone know what is the significance of CONFIG_ERROR in the ‘health’ of an app and how it might affect the system? I had a failed device, which I replaced but now all of the apps associated with the old device are listed with config error. I really don’t want to delete everything. I tried update, click done but no luck. @Aaron , @slagle any ideas? It affects stock apps and custom apps.

Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support
Why is there not a remove from all smart apps option?
(Tim Slagle) #2

I’ll look into this for you.

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(Mark Whipp) #3

When I found this “health” page about two months ago, I had 5 CONFIG_ERRORs. Three of them were SHM Custom Rules, two Pistons. I watched them for a while and they were still working OK. About a week ago, after the meltdown, I removed them and recreated the same and are now showing HEALTHY and I can sleep better :slight_smile:

I have a couple guesses, state, updates, but they are just guesses…

(Bobby) #4

I’ve been doing the same thing for a long time just to sleep better, but I still wonder what other good does it do for healing these.

(Mark Whipp) #5

For other readers, we are referring to information found on this page

(Tim Slagle) #6

So most of these are part of the upcoming health check system. For now, they can be largely ignored.

(Don’t ask for a timeline for this, we don’t have one right now.)

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #7

Hey Tim, what’s the timeline on that?


(Mark Whipp) #8

It must be doing something… I had 5 CONFIG_ERRORS, I rebuilt them and now they are HEALTHY. Sooo… it does see a change or is it a random result? Hard to ignore :confused:

(Bobby) #9

Nice, no time line asked, but would this be dynamic or a static health check that runs in the background and discover things without any user interaction?