Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

Thank you.

There was a few other Smart apps I cleaned up too

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You can also look here to check the Health and the other info of your apps:


That looks like a really useful list next time I have a problem. Thanks, surprised I had not seen that before.


It took me 9 months before I discovered it. I included the link on the CoREnotes page


Thank you @Whippm!!! Lovely hidden content :slight_smile:


Speaking of which, I am not sure what unhealthy really means. I had some instances showing as config error, but they were working fine. @slagle said he’ll ask the engineers but he didn’t get a chance to respond, yet.

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As far as I’m concerned, rule machine is not dead. Sure it takes a shit when ST takes a shit, but after you rebuild your rules it’s perfectly fine. Therefore, if anyone needs help building a rule machine rule, private message me and I’ll help you. If you have installed it, and you are still using it good for you.

If not, that’s OK too.


Rule machine is no more dead than core is. It’s an installed app that works. Sure core does more. But there are those out there that would rather use rule machine and that’s fine.

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I just replied in that thread… guess I opened another can of worms :poop:

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My only concern about using Rule Machine is that it is a completely unsupported app. Unless the user can support the program themselves, then it is a ticking timebomb.

At some point in the future, due to the complexity of the app, it will stop working completely. And those are using it that do not take the right precautions (most of the users) will be royally screwed.

Royally screwed? Are you forgetting that the majority of ST users are just controlling lightbulbs and switches? Anyone who is using it to control locks and garage doors or fireplaces is taking their lives in their own hands.

I think those people that are still using RM are well aware that it’s not supported. Most people that are still using it aren’t using it to program nuclear weapons --or anything that is going to impact rungs 1 and 2 of their Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The majority of people that are still using rule machine (or ST in general) are using it just for lights and outlets in their houses.

While @ady624 will most likely not drop off the face of the earth tomorrow, it is important for those of us that don’t write code to keep in mind that we are still relying on the talent of others to write code for us and if ady decides to leave and stop supporting core tomorrow, we can still flip a switch on the wall.

I’m not throwing my support behind RM any more than I’m throwing it behind CoRE. Until there is no cloud and everything runs locally, home automation and the smart apps that accompany it should only be viewed as a hobby, not a right.


Oh trust me, I agree with you.

But, RM was working fine and the developer changed the copyright and jumped ship.

CoRE is being supported.

Yes, this is a hobby… a rather expensive one. So, for those that are relying on the software that is available here, without it they are screwed… having to go back to flipping a switch on the wall after all of the time and money invested… well, I call a loss like that just getting screwed.

No disagreement here, but one important caveat for me is that @ady624 has taken an important step to ensure that CoRE remains GPL. I have quite a bit of respect for him for this, and would feel comfortable investigating and providing fixes to CoRE for the community if he were to (perish the thought) drop off the face of the earth tomorrow.

@ady624’s talent and dedication are beyond impressive, and I’m not saying I could even come close to filling his shoes, but I do believe others in the community would do their best to try to help with updates and fixes as well if needed. We all may fail miserably, but at least in trying it looks like we actually might be executing to @ady624’s wishes. In contrast, based on how events unfolded, it appears that there are many developers that may not provide updates to even Apache 2.0 licensed versions of RM out of respect to the developer and the perception of his wishes.

I get that this attitude of respecting a developer’s latest wishes despite prior licensing agreements undermines the argument that CoRE will always be supported as well, however, it least appears to me that @ady624’s intent is that CoRE will not cease to be supported overnight solely due to a disgruntled developer.


I think they (non-coders) will be royally screwed. ‘Just’ controlling lights is as complex as it gets, and a small backend change could bring one’s system to stand still, wiping out countless hours spent on builing the set up. Yes, there is always the option of using physical switches, just as unplugging the hub is, but that’s not the point.

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I will agree with that. The time and effort invested in maintaining rules and Pistons would be “royally screwed.” But home automation is a luxury and a hobby, not something that I absolutely need to live my life at home.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to tinker, but if core doesn’t work tomorrow or even if smartthings goes belly up tomorrow, the sun will still rise. Let’s all keep riding the smartthings wave as long as we can!:sunglasses:

Yes, but then it will set, and we’ll all be forced to turn our lights on…manually!

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The horror…the horror.
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You should’ve posted…

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The horror…the horror.
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It just looks more core-ish with the dollar signs!


I am officially off of RM as of today, I will leave it installed unless I am told or discover doing so has a potential adverse affect.

As far as ST being a luxury, sure it’s not necessary for life, but neither is a car.

Our modern lives come to depend upon these things, we build our lives around the availability of such technologies. Electricity, Vehicular Transportation, Cell Phones, Alarms, Computers, Automatons, Smart Phones all creep into our lives and it’s not always as simple as saying one can live without it. While it is ultimately true, the amount of effort required to adjust for the absence of something one has not only come to depend upon but has built houses, cities, lives etc based upon the availability of that tech shouldn’t be underestimated.

One may lament how it would be foolish to allow any dependencies upon ST in the pathetic state in which it exists, and I would be the first to agree, but none-the-less it does happen. Something simple can screw something up - a family goes on vacation and depends upon HA to allow them to let the neighbor kid into the garage to cut the grass while they are gone. Does life end? No. Is it simply a hobby like pokemon go or a luxury like say nice wood trim in your new car? Nope. It is rife with dependencies, real and potential.


I believe I had installed every update to RM along the way, but, as of today, no more. It is gone; histoire. Thanks, Bruce, but Adrian out-did you.

I just finished finally converting my last set of Rule Machine rules over to CoRE Pistons. CoRE like RM takes a bit of playing with to figure out how to do what you want best, but once you do, it is so powerful and makes the platform seem that much better and valuable (when SmartThings isn’t jacking up scheduling, States, etc… At least CoRE tries to counteract that as much as possible).