Conexis L1 random bleeps

We have had our Conexis L1 for a couple of years now, recently it has been randomly bleeping, check for errors, battery fine, handle up, not even raining outside, then nothing for days.

Anyone got any ideas

The sequence of beeps all mean something. If you go to their website you can identify what beeps your getting and what they mean.

I have done that and recognise the various sets of bleeps, what we are experiencing is random sequence of bleeps, then nothing for a while, says even weeks then another random sequence of bleeps, each time this happens we check the handle is up, the sensor is clean, the batteries are okay, there is no set time, just don’t know why it does it?

Do you know how many beeps?

Not exactly sure because we’re aren’t near the door when the random bleeps occur, we know about the sound when it can’t find Bluetooth for instance, unless it is so sensitive that a bug can activate the Bluetooth and we only hear or should I notice the later part of the no Bluetooth found chime.