Yale Connexis Lights Meaning

Does anyone have a comprehensive guide as to what the lights on a Yale Connexis lock actually mean? Yale are hopeless and provide no information at all.

I changed the batteries about a fortnight ago and it seemed fine. However when I try to unlock using the phone or a tag, it now flashes blue rapid once I wake the lock and will not unlock. It then, after about 1 min turns purple. The door will not unlock from the outside.

I can lock/unlock with the thumbscrew but this isn’t helpful. I’d kind of like to be able to leave the house and lock door at some point.

I’ve generally had good luck with Yale support: maybe you just got a bad agent. :thinking:

Anyway, on most Yale locks flashing blue means the battery is about to die. Have you tried putting in new batteries?

Oh, and at least for the L1 model, the purple light meant it was in set up mode for adding an additional key card. You were then supposed to press the purple light on the outside to make it turn blue and pair it with a new card.

But I think that only happens if you’ve pressed the purple light on the interior of the lock to put it into set up mode. Any chance you’ve done that accidentally? That might explain why it’s not working, it’s waiting for setup to complete. :thinking:

You could also have both issues, low on battery, and in set up mode. Set up mode can use up quite a bit of battery if you don’t either complete it or cancel it. :man_shrugging:t2:

Yes, I think I have it sorted now. We have two Connexis locks. The one on the back door repeatedly drained the battery in less than a week (no exaggeration). As such we removed the batteries and the module and use it as a “dumb” lock. Because we’re not using the module there I put it into the front door. This, it seems, is what is causing the problem. The module, according to Yale support, “takes over control” from the lock. This has also drained the battery, so removing the module and replacing the batteries appears to have resolved it.
I’ve definitely not had the same experience with their customer service as you @JDRoberts. Having spoken to God only knows how many people at Yale over the years, I suspect your good experience is the exception! :grin:

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When we’ve moved house, I’m definitely going with Shlage or Samsung!