Conditions in new app Automation is weird

So I was slowly moving to new app and tried to create automations. Created one to increase thermostat temperature when temperature of button remote at my bedroom drop below 19.5 Celsius. Also added constrained to make it only work in home mode OR night mode.

Apparently this did not work as I saw from log that the button temperature dropped to 19 degrees at 330am. But according to the history, this automation did not run, thermostat heat temperature did not get increased…

I’m thinking maybe this “home, night” condition is killing this setup? The app is interpreting this condition as home mode AND night mode? As in location mode can not be in both home mode and night mode at the same time?

Bump bump, tagging @Brad_ST @jody.albritton, help please :crying_cat_face:

Your automation has a time restriction of 4am to 7am. So what are you expecting to happen with a temperature change at 3:30am? Were you expecting the automation to run at 4am and find the temperature had already changed and so do something?

I know some apps work like that but I can’t remember if that includes the automations.

I guess that makes sense, then if I want to achieve this, i.e. during 4am to 7am if button temperature IS below 19.5 degrees, then increase thermostat temperature. I’d have to go to webcore then? My thermostat is cloud connected, and webcore cannot see and control that, do I have to create a virtual switch?

WebCoRE should be able to see and manage it. What brand and model of the thermostat? Now it may not be able to process all capabilities of the thermostat.

yeah, for time ranges, the beginning time doesn’t act as a trigger. So the conditions below the time range must change between the time range. kinda odd. Would be better if the beginning time range was a trigger itself. You may be able to create another automation using a specific time and have this work.

Ah, silly me, I was looking at actuators, sensors, capability group 1, 2 , but not group 3… Now I can use it in webcore!
Thanks so much to let me take a closer look to find it lol. The thermostat is Emerson Sensi BTW.

Yeah if that’s the case then I’d have to increase length of the time period, but that’s gonna increase my gas bill too… And I’m somewhat reluctant to move this simple logic to a webcore piston

And regarding the location condition, that setting is ok then?

Thank you for confirming my suspicions . Just moved over to the ‘new’ app and ran into this behavior. Agreed, odd and a bit contrary to the purpose Just another reason to finally break down and learn/implement webcore.

In the end I just increased the length of the period to begin at 3am… even though webcore is way better, but I need to know if and when this is triggered in the app. And currently there’s not a good way to let webcore send a message to new app, except that “send push notifications and set messages” option, but I don’t want to get push notification every time it runs either, annoying.

Another observation, I set temperature threshold to be below 19.5 Celsius, and it did not run last night when button temperature drops, I changed to below or equal to 19, let’s see what happens

I’ve run into the exact same problem. I setup an automation to increase my upstairs thermostat when it gets too warm downstairs during the day (because with 2 AC zones open, i get lousy airflow). The problem I found with range is, the automation only triggers ONCE within the time period (let’s say from 9am to 9pm). I want it to poll (every 5 minutes?) and fix the thermostats continually throughout the day if that condition occurs. It just doesn’t seem to work.