Complete frustration with my system

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Long-time IRIS User, just started with ST last Sunday (2/3). I had about 75 devices with IRIS, including ~35 GE zWave plugs (12721) and paddle Switches. Using the ST V3 hub. I used the new ST app to reset the devices and then pair to ST, and was amazed at the ease of this without moving the Hub. Located centrally in a 2 story home, connected to my 5G Wifi.

Everything was good, good bye IRIS. Next day (2/4) Started moving the KwikSet Locks, Smoke & CO2, Siren, etc, and while these battery operated devices were a bit more problematic, eventually got them connected. Moved on the IRIS Gen 2 Smart Plugs (3210-L) and following this forum, paired both the outlet as Zigbee then the zWave which function as a repeater. Ran the Zwave repair after each step. Noticed on 2/5, 3 previously connected devices were off-line. followed a support thread to Edit/Update which had no affect. This morning, noticed another device OFFLINE & started a zWAVE and after 4 hours, ALL zWAVE devices are off-line. I know this can take awhile, but my experience with IRIS was devices would pop in and out during the utility, but never saw a complete drop of every item. Scrolling through the EVENTs on the hub, seeing “Network repair for xxxxxxx [0B]: Did not finish updating mess Information” for each devices. The GEN2 plugs on zigbee appear to still be functioning.

Perhaps it will clear, but given the number of devices, is there a more reliable solution to provide basic functionality to control groups of plugs, switches, door & wind sensors?

That’s the million dollar question - You’ll find a couple dozen threads on this topic throughout the forum with varying recommendations and conclusions.

SmartThings is the #1 option in this particular space: multi protocol, growing device list, somewhat open (custom device handlers and SmartApps), no recurring costs, very inexpensive hub, and the largest active peer-support groups (this, and SmartThings Users Group)

There are a quite a few customers with 75 to even 300 devices (inadvisable) who somehow have achieved stability and satisfaction.

Every other platform will either have just as bad issues in one way or another, or require compromise in flexibility and/or cost.

The prevailing theory is that SmartThings is “breaking things fast” in order to try to achieve stability as quickly as possible, even while inconveniencing current customers.

A popular suggested alternative is the startup Hubitat because it was based on SmartThings design but runs locally. But such a young small company comes with different risks.

Spend some time exploring this Community Forum. You may find easy assistance to your specific Z-Wave issues (or the current status of remediation) as well as the “alternatives” Topics.


Thanks and as an update, finally rebooted the Hub and immediately reran the zWave Repair. Ran for about 2 hours, and most of the items came back on-line. Currently have 3 generic GE devices off-line, all close to the hub and literally less than 10 feet from other devices that are online. I also have noticed the zWave Repeater device included in the IRIS 3210-L Smart Plug are now all off-line. The logs are throwing the following error for these “3:30:06 PM: debug Parse returned ManufacturerSpecificReport(productTypeId: 1, manufacturerId: 582, manufacturerName: null, productId: 1)”. The forum indicates there needs to be a piece of code for this device to be added to the IDE file, but do not currently have any clue how to do this.

As far as the other 3 GE devices, I assume I can just Delete, Exclude and Repair?

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I’m glad to hear you are having some success. The IDE is the web based programing interface. You can program device handers and apps to add in to ST. You can access the IDE here:

There are instructions for how to add a device handler (DH) to the IDE and publish for use by yourself. JD has some good information here:

I would expect that you will be able the re-add the GE devices.