Compatible Devices

Compatible devices currently on the market that work with the SmartThings hub.

I know that the SmartThings team is working on identifying compatible devices that will work with the SmartThings hub.  I was wondering if the plan was to eventually publish some kind of comprehensive list that covers these devices?

I’ve been looking at this thermostat:

I believe it will work, but it would be nice to see it as “verified” before purchasing it.

Doesn’t Nest have an open API?

Chris - I think they talked about that on the KickStarter comments some - but I believe Nest’s API is currently closed. So unless they were willing to open that up - it wouldn’t work with SmartThings System.

Dave - that is the same one I was looking at actually - hoping it will work too!


Oh, this is interesting.  I was looking at a Nest teardown by sparkfun ( and the thing has a Zigbee antenna in it!  It sports both zigbee and wifi antennas in it.  imagine the possibilities.  You should be able to trigger a bunch of Zigbee stuff right from this thing.  cool.  too bad its so expensive.  And an internal LiPo battery…hope it wouldn’t start the house on fire :slight_smile:

I came to the same conclusion Eric, I do not see any evidence of an open api at this time.

Well that sucks.  Now I have to change my nebulous plans.

There is no reason someone can’t integrate the Nest.  If you investigate their iphone and android application, you will see that the Nest has a RESTful API.  It just isn’t published.

Someone already wrote a python library to control it.

If smartthings don’t come with nest support out of the box, I will be looking at the SDK for smartthings and hooking up my nest.

Jim - maybe you can make a lot of people here very happy then! If you can get them to speak to each other!

Just spitballin’ here… I’m not an expert on this kinda stuff.  But if Nest has a closed API (that is, they haven’t published ways to interact with it), even if someone found a “backdoor” into the system, can a third party company officially support this?

Unofficially of course if someone hacks equipment they bought that’s one thing.  But if a third party company comes along says that they support interaction with a product and the first company never allowed it, could that be potential legal issues?

Once I have my smartthing and access to the SDK,  I will absolutely look at doing it.  It shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks with my work schedule.

ChrisB, it isn’t a backdoor.  These APIs are publicly available on the internet.  They just aren’t supported APIs.  If they change their APIs then someone will have to react to that.

Could Nest try to do something about it?  Sure, you can sue for anything but they wouldn’t win that.  It is no different than using undocumented APIs for any product.  It isn’t support and you are on  your own with support.

For Nest to change their API, it would require them to update all their mobile apps and likely suppor their old APIs while people upgrade to the new mobile software.  It would give time for someone to resolve it.  I doubt Nest will give a cease and desist.  I just know they aren’t going to support it.

Would love to see a list of compatible devices, as well as what Country they’re available to. I would think this is something that Smartthings are working on, otherwise why test them?

can tell if this door lock is compatible? it also appears in the presentation held at LeWeb.



I understand the smartthings team are very busy now, but it does concern me how little SmartThing reps are responding on this forum. I thought this is the preferred discussion location?

Is there any way to get SmartThings to work with this thermostat?

It’s not z-wave or zigbee, but it connects to wifi and already has a web interface/iphone app so maybe someone can figure it out.

Hey guys, check out this link for the first list of compatible devices

Thanks Andrew!  That’s a great start.  Now I just need to convince my wife that we need to go with $190 deadbolts instead of those silly obsolete ones that can’t connect to the cloud…

I’ve just seen the list and I’m a bit conffused. In the “integration examples” the first one is Hue Lighting, but reading older posts I got the idea that Hue was not compatible wíth smartThings. Was there a change that allowed the integration?

@Carlos exactly. We’re working on SmartThingifying new stuff everyday. So something that may not have been compatible a few weeks ago, may have been integrated already.

Does this mean the WeMo Belkin plug is compatible, as the list is not 100% clear, as there is no Date for compatibility?