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Community-created Wiki website down (down 4 Feb 2019, restored 7 Feb)

(jkp) #1 appears to be gone … RUT ROH!!!

Thingsthataresmart wiki down?
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Turning light on and off for a specific period of time?
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Yes, it’s down. @obycode , Who runs the wiki, says it’s a problem with the host and multiple sites are down.

There is an issue with my host and all of my sites (as well as lots of others) are currently down. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

(Dan) #3

That’s not me… :wink: It might be @obycode’s site.


Yes, my bad. I fixed it above. :sunglasses:

(Brice; #5

Ok, everything is finally back up. As JD said, there were some issues with my host that took down all of my sites, then when they resolved that, there were some additional issues that showed up. I believe I have everything resolved now, and also took the opportunity to update everything to make sure it is the latest and greatest (and most secure). Let me know if you see any additional issues. Thanks.

(jkp) #6

are you sure it’s back up? it looks blank

(Brice; #7

Uh oh. It was…

(jkp) #8

I say we blame @ogiewon :sunglasses:
LOL - kidding of course

(jkp) #9

it is working now :slight_smile:


(Brice; #10

Maybe now? But I’m worried that each time I open it back up to all IPs, it goes down again… :tired_face: Potentially something bad happening here…

(Brice; #11

Hopefully it lasts…

(Brice; #12

It happened again. I’m going to have to leave it inaccessible until I can get to the bottom of this.

EDIT: Ok, I hope it is resolved now. It has been accessible for 5-10 minutes now and has not been attacked yet, so, so far, so good. Sorry for the downtime.


It’s back this morning. :sunglasses:

And it’s down again. :disappointed_relieved:

(Brice; #14

Ok, now I think I’ve really found the source of the problem and resolved it. Please browse around and let me know if you run into any issues.


Looks good so far. :sunglasses:

(jkp) #16

RUT ROH! It’s working