Things That Are Smart Wiki

Does anyone know what is wrong with this wiki?

Please see the attached picture.

That typically happens when @obycode ( Who generously hosts the wiki) is doing updates to it. I got it over the weekend, but then it resolved again. Are you getting that message today?

Just got it a few minutes ago.

What article are you trying to read?

I was going to try and update the button control devices entry - apparently it hasn’t been updated in quite some time.

It’s working for me, try direct link

If it’s still broken, we’ll have to wait for @obycode to look at it.

Hmmm… It’s working for me too, and I tried a bunch of different browsers. @JackTheMan18, what OS and browser are you using? Have you tried clearing the cache?

I think this happened when I set up my account (and changed password).
I’ll try and get around it.
My thanks to all that tried to help.

P.S. Should the button list be linked from the main page?

It’s in the Devices category, which seems like the right place to me. :sunglasses:

Eventually I hope we see lots of lists of this type in the wiki (switches, dimmers, bulbs, sensors, sirens, speakers, etc), and it wouldn’t make sense to put them all on the main page. Devices as a category works well, I think.