Commands not executing - issue with my code?

Hello, I’ve developed a smart device type for an ecobee thermostat, but some of my commands are not executing.
At this point, I don’t know if those issues are related to the smarttings platform or my code (probably the latter).

In that case, some of you guys can probably give me some pointers on how to fix that code.

The device type does not respond well to some basic commands like fanOn(), setThermostatMode() setHumidifierLevel(), setDehumidiferLevel(), but all the main ecobee commands (refer to the API documentation at are working such as setHold(), resumeProgram(), createVacation(), and deleteVacation().

I’ve reached smartthings support about the above issues, but they told me that they are also pretty close to release their own
version within the smartthings lab. Anyway, I would like to better understand the issues at hand to avoid making
the same mistakes later.

The code can be found at

Maybe, you can also help me finishing the work I’ve started!


Finally, I solved all the command issues. The new version is fully operational.