Commanding the Vídeo doorbell to open the door?

(Daniel Consuegra) #1

Hey guys!

I’m sure I’ll find some clues in you! Lol!

I live in an “dumb” apartment building.

I’ve got a Platea Plus video doorbell.

I opened it the other day and saw a few connections.

I read somewhere how to connect a non video regular doorbell to zwave…

Could that be applied here?

The idea would be to have a button in my moto 360 to trigger the opening sequence… Even if it requires a raspberry pi or arduino…

I’m open to questions!

Thanks folks!

(Daniel Consuegra) #2

I’ve been reading a little further and saw that the Fibaro FGS-211 module could be fit for the job…

Anybody here with coding experience mind lending me a hand?