Command Line smarthings tool - change driver?

[EDIT] May have found it: smartthings edge:drivers:switch
This did do the trick and I’m good to go…

Anyone know the command (or is there one) to change an edge driver associated with a device using the “Command Line Tool”?

I have a couple of GE Motion Switches - all same Device ID
One works, the others do not.
The one that works is using a different driver.


I cannot use the App as I cannot “connect” to the non-working devices.
But I can see the driver and the associations using the command-line tool.

Is there a command to manually switch the driver from command-line?

Also - it would seem anything tagged with “-assoc” doesn’t “connect”
Is there any significance with this “tag”

The API Browser created by @TAustin also has the ability to change drivers and is a little more user friendly.

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