Button Controller+ Help

I have installed the Button Controller+ app found here: https://github.com/bravenel/SmartThings/blob/master/Button%20Controller%2B

And I have an Aeon Minimote V1

I have it setup and working, however, I am confused as to the “DimLevel 1” and “DimLevel 2” options.

What I would like to see happen is press button 1 to turn on the light, and the next press be dim level 1, the next press be dim level 2, and the next press be off.

Is this possible?

Yes… But it might not be very reliable.

Various reasons…

The Minimote does some filtering of duplicate consecutive Button presses and I don’t know if this can be tuned.

It’s even hard for a single Device Type Handler to completely rely on current device state!

So… It’s worth a try… The logic / programming isn’t too hard; I just fear frustrating results.