Combine multiple ST Thread networks into one Fabric?

How do you do this with their mobile apps?

I did it from the home assistant app, now my network has multiple border routers with mesh extenders and devices all neatly in one.

I then use the nanoleaf app to double check that’s the case.

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I was able to combine one of my SmartThings Thread networks to the Home Assistant Thread network, but after that the option is gone to add more. Where in the HA app do you see the option to combine then after the first one?

Change your preferred network first then you’ll be able to move the home assistant hub to the preferred network

, anybody know how long it is to get into the hub firmware beta? But I worry we’re getting off topic here

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As far as I know the new requests are processed when they are ready to test a new release. So for example version 50.x is currently in beta so new testers will be included for the 51.x testing.

I moved this discussion to its own topic.

Carry on. :wink:

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Do you have Aeotec hub or is it a Samsung hub? Because that option doesn’t come up on my Aeotec v3 one :confused:

Could we rename it into “one home fabric” as opposed to “home assistant”?

I merely mentioned home assistant as an example :sweat_smile:

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